The terminal conforms with the sustainable development of the region, Tenerife Container Terminal is certified in accordance with the National Ports service quality references and conducts its operations within an integrated quality, environmental, safety and occupational health management system.

Savings in electrical consumption of 52,560 KWh/year using the lighting towers for communications, surveillance and illumination.

We avoid emissions of 34,160kg of CO2 per year with our progressive low carbon operations.


TCTenerife works together with universities and secondary education colleges in the preparation of practical curriculums and other training activities. We invest permanently in the training of our human team to maximise skills and prevent occupational risks.

Soundproofing of the transformer centre

Reduction in the noise pollution of the transformer centre from approximately 80 dB to 60 dB, through the construction of an acoustic baffle which reduces the noise generated by the four dry transformers that supply power to the Tenerife Container Terminal gantry cranes.

Quality, Environment and Safety Policy

TCTenerife, dedicated to stowage and discharge, loading, unloading, transhipment and storage of containers and RO-RO cargo in the Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, works to achieve the greatest satisfaction among its interest groups.

TCTenerife adopts the Aleatica S.A.U. Quality, Environmental and Safety and Health Policy as its own, by geographic area and activity, in compliance with National Ports Guide to Good Environmental Practice, and the Convention Subscribed by the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Port Authority set out the following Environmental directives:

  • Prevention of damage and deterioration of the Environment and Health
  • Protection and conservation of the Environment
  • Compliance with requirements
  • Continual improvement

To comply with these directives, TCTenerife is committed to:

  • Promoting the transfer of good environmental practice to business and employment plans in all activities within the business, and these activities are now incorporated either directly or indirectly.
  • Compliance with the content of the Convention Subscribed by the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Port Authority.
  • Compliance with applicable environmental legislation and other requirements applicable to the Concession.
  • Identification and evaluation of matters associated with the activities carried out directly, and matters linked to activities contracted out or sub-contracted to third parties within the installation.
  • Establishing objectives aimed at improving environmental issues caused by the operational activities of the Concession, as well those matters associated with ancillary activities.
  • Carrying out active environmental management concerning significant environmental matters as well as those matters considered a priority.
  • Establishing mechanisms that provide for appropriate guaranteed competency and training in matters of good environmental practice of staff and contractors associated with the operation and maintenance of the concession.
  • Establishing two-way communication mechanisms with workers and, in particular, a suggestions scheme, as well as communication mechanisms with users and/or clients.
  • Establishing a mechanism to effectively receive and reply to complaints or claims from the Port Authority and Maritime Administration, as well as other competent administrations.
  • Maintaining manuals and procedures relating to the above matters.

Download the Quality, Environmental and Safety and Health Policy, click here.