Our Project

With its equipment and machinery, and an annual operating capacity of 620,000 TEU, the Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife Container Terminal ranks as a benchmark logistics platform in Stevedore Loading and Unloading services in the Atlantic, serving local traffic, and international transhipment traffic between America, Europe and the emerging markets of the Atlantic coast of Africa.


  • Archipelago island traffic lines
  • Iberian Peninsula and Northern European cabotage lines
  • Los Rodeos and Reina Sofia airports

Terminal always connected

All the teams at the terminal are in communication with central control to ensure quality and guarantee efficiency of operations, and terminal users may access these systems through a variety of portals to manage their operations and check the status of their containers.

Operating improvements

The operating improvements in place currently offer our clients a guaranteed service to rival the highest standards in Europe.

  • Folding Ro-Ro ramp with a capacity of 180 t
  • 644 connectors for operating refrigerated containers, with an option to increase to 750
  • Remote monitoring of refrigerated units.
  • Automated container entry and exit
  • GPS/RFID positioning of containers
  • Cameras and optical character recognition (OCR) equipment
  • Automatic container park positioning for units entering and unloading

Safe terminal

The design of the terminal facilities as well as the high degree of automation of operations at Tenerife Container Terminal is a guarantee for the prevention of accidents, as for us, safety always comes first.


  • 700 m berthing line
  • 15.3 hectares of esplanade
  • 16 m draught
  • Office building


  • 6STS super postpanamax
  • 6 transtainers & 5 reach stackers
  • 11 terminal tractors
  • 4 4×4 terminal tractors cranes

Other facilities

  • Surveillance and communication systems
  • Sick bay
  • Two operations control centres
  • Workshop




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