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A benchmark logistics platform in the Atlantic with teams and equipment designed to service the latest generation ships on Mediterranean, Northern European and Far Eastern commercial routes to the emerging markets in West Africa and South America.

Message from the Managin Director

It is a privilege for me to welcome you to the Terminal de Contenedores de Tenerife (TCTenerife).

Through these lines, we want to inform you of the services available at our terminal, TCTenerife, hoping that you will find them of interest for the development of business in the future at a modern logistics platform, equipped with the latest generation port equipment.

The privileged location of the port of Tenerife has always permitted it to be connected with maritime trade, especially as a crossroads between Europe, America and Africa, and, not least, as a supply base in the Atlantic Ocean.

In this context, many initiatives have been completed for the modernization and increase in activity in our port, among the achievements being the concession for a new and better-equipped container terminal to meet the current needs of the port and container traffic in particular.

This initiative, which was a major challenge for this terminal´s concession companies, OHL and Marítima Davila, resulted in erminal de Contenedores de Tenerife (TCTenerife). Since 2018, the entire terminal has been part of ALEATICA. The terminal consists of one dock of almost 700 metres, with a surface area of more than 150,000 square metres, a berthing line and sufficient surface area for the handling of importation/exportation as well as the transhipment of containers.

The details of our terminal, its characteristics and the equipment that we put at the disposal of our users can be found during your visit to our website.

We should mention our human team at TCTenerife, professionals of sea and port activities. We all put ourselves at your disposal, in service of the ships and the ultimate clients, the importers and exporters, working together to achieve success in your projects and ensure consolidation and continuity into the future.

Our standards of quality, security, confidentiality and dedication to our clients set the course for this terminal to follow, with the clear objective that TCTenerife be your terminal and point of reference in the Atlantic as a centre for loading/unloading and a hub for your connections.

We wish you the warmest of welcomes and our best wishes for every success.

José Ignacio Uriarte

Managin Director

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International connectivity

A terminal that guarantees the interpenetration of transshipment traffic with import and export traffic, increasing connectivity for Canarian companies.

Legal name Terminal de Contenedores de Tenerife, S.A.U.
Client Port Authority of Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Period of Concession May 2012 – May 2054
Shareholders 100 % ALEATICA
Relevant data
Investment 68 M€
Capacity 650,000 TEUS annually
Area 15.51 ha
Length of mooring line 700 m

In accordance with the provisions of Law 3/2014, 3rd December, 2014, modifying the Law of Incorporated Companies for the Improvement of Corporate Governance, it is reported that the average payment period for suppliers at Terminal de Contenedores de Tenerife S.A.U. was 33 days during the period 01-01-2017 to 31-12-2017.


From 2012, we have been working to become leaders in the provision of public stevedore loading and unloading services in Tenerife.

  • December: TCTenerife installs 120 new reefers, increasing capacity to 644
  • November: TCTenerife takes delivery of two new TERBERG tractor units
  • October: TCTenerife signs a collaboration agreement with Total Software Bank to migrate the TOS to CATOS v7
  • October: TCTenerife takes delivery two new HYSTER reach stackers
  • May: TCTenerife loads 3,407 containers, 6,294 TEUS becoming the largest single turnaround container operation in Tenerife. The ship was the MSC KARLSKRONA, operated by MAERSK
  • April: TCTenerife exceeds a crane rate of 54 containers per hour with the ship SEASPAN RIO DE JANEIRO, operated by MAERSK
  • October: The Port Authority agrees to award TCTenerife an increase in the term of the concession to April, 2054
  • August: TCTenerife starts international container transhipments in the Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife with the turnaround of the ship GUAYAQUIL, operated by MAERSK
  • December: TCTenerife becomes the leading terminal in Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • May: TCTenerife invests in sound-proofing of the transformer station winning a the OHL Group Environmental Prize 2016
  • December: TCTenerife receives Port Authority Licence for the provision of general cargo port stevedore services in the whole of the Province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • Nobember: Three new STS superpostpanamax cranes delivered
  • January: TCTenerife wins Most Innovative Company Award from OHL CONCESSIONS
  • December: Fitting out works undertaken at the terminal completing the commissioning of 150,000 m2 for container storage
  • November: First Ro-Ro operations with the ship OPDR CANARIAS
  • June: Delivery of the sixth RTG (PACECO)
  • May: Delivery of two transtainers (PACECO)
  • April: First container ship operations with the ship SPICA, operated by TAMARAN
  • March: Port operations begin
  • January: Ro-Ro ramp delivered, the first in Spain to be fully collapsible
  • January: Delivery of two transtainers (PACECO)
  • December: Commissioning completed of the first three STS superpostpanamax cranes
  • December: Delivery of
    • 8 terminal tractors 4 x 2 (TERBERG)
    • 8 terminal tractors 4 x 4(TERBERG)
    • 12 plataforms (FABRISEM)
    • Sundry other machinery
  • October: Delivery of three superpostpanamax cranes and the beginning of transport
  • August: Delivery of three RSTK (HYSTER) machines
  • July: Contract signed for purchase of three superpostpanamax cranes
  • May: Award of the concession agreed at the Port Authority headquarters
  • February: The Port Authority selects the consortium formed by OHL Concessions (65%) and Marítima Dávila (35%) to develop the New Public Container Terminal at the Eastern Docks with a forecast investment of 55 million euros.




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